Year Medal Recipient
2017 George Ilsley Medal Ben McPhee
2017 Alan Williams Medal Tom Pontell
2017 Darren Thompson Medal Harry Baker
2016 George Ilsley Medal Ben McPhee
2016 Alan Williams Medal Tom Pontell
2016 Darren Thompson Medal Ben Thompson
2015 George Ilsley Medal Glenn Daley
2015 BFNL Michelson Medal Brodi Filo
2015 Alan Williams Medal Blake Natoli
2015 Darren Thompson Medal Rhys Deacon
2014 George Ilsley Medal Glenn Daley
2014 Alan Williams medal Ben Conlery
2014 Darren Thompson Medal Josh Walsh


Year Grade Medal Recipient
2017 A Reserve Kylie Piercy Medal Genevieve McColl
2017 B Grade   Brianna Richardson
2017 B Reserve   Siobhan Keogh
2017 17 & Under   Emma Peacock
2017   B Reserve League Medal Siobhan Keogh
2017   B Grade League Medal Megan Bagnall
2017   A Reserve League Medal Imogen Davies
2016 A Grade Wendy Ryan Medal Elley Lawton
2016 A Reserve Kylie Piercy Medal Ashlea Jenkyn
2016 B Grade   Rani Madden
2016 B Reserve   Lydia Barri
2016 17 & Under   Sophie Peacock
2015 A Grade   Genevieve McColl
2015 A Reserve   Kelly Pay
2015 B Grade   Lydia Barri
2015 B Reserve   Samantha Brown
2015 17 & Under   Rani Madden
2014 A Grade   Amy Jackman
2014 A Reserve   Tanya Hanley Hynes
2014 B Grade   Stacee Burns
2014 B Reserve   Taylah Giddings & Taylah Pointon
2014 17 & Under   Toni Burns



With the shut down of the mines after the first World War and the moving away of residents to other employment the club suffered far greater reverses than any other club in the Bendigo Football League, but such is the spirit of loyalty back sprang a new brand of footballers and the club went on to take out the premiership in 1922 and 1924.

In the first 50 years the club had won no fewer than 16 premierships, the last 38 years have not been so prolific as we have only produced 5 Premierships sides - but we have every hope of increasing this to 6 with the winning of the 1968 flag.

Since joining in the Bendigo Football Association In 1881 the Eaglehawk Club has never once left the wing of that body - In fact it would be the only club in existence today which had an unbroken period of over 100 years with the league.

To Read the Full History of the club please download our History PDF

The club was formed in 1880 as the direct result of a boy - Jim Steward- having his recently purchased football stolen by a rival group of lads.

From the very beginning the home of the "Hawks" has always been Canterbury Park. This ground is Still situated in exactly the same position as It was in 1880, the reserve then being formed virtually from a slum bank, the overflow of the Virginia Battery.

In 1894 the Waterbury Watch Company offered 20 gold watches to the club kicking the most goals in 18 matches. Eaglehawk set out to win that covetted prize and comfortably won the 16 competition games. To make up the 18 matches Eaglehawk challenged the combined of Maryborough and Echuca suffice to say that this grand old club was the successful contendor with Essendon running second. Unfortunately none of the players received the gold watch as the vessel carrying the watches to Australia sank, so 40 nickel watches were presented, one for each player and his wife or ladyfriend.

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